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How to Format USB Pen Drives Using CMD to Delete Viruses Permeanently

When you're using a pen drive to transfer data between PCs, the common problem is viruses. You might format your pen drive many times because of viruses. Some kind of viruses never get delete by normal formatting. Are you disappointed of the result that you get after formatting your pen drive and still find viruses in it?

Here I'll give you a solution to format your USB pen drive completely.

You can format pen drives using command prompt to remove all the virus files permanently. Most of the times these type of formats delete all the viruses from pen drive.

So let's see how to format your pen drive using command prompt.

Insert pen drive into your PC

Find the drive letter of the pen drive

Now click on Start ---> Run

In run box, type cmd and hit Enter

Now command prompt will appear, in this window type format "your pen drive letter:"
For example type : format g:

Hit Enter twice

Wait for sometime until command prompt verify the file system.

How to Format USB Pen Drives Using Command Prompt to Delete Viruses Permanently

Now command prompt will ask you to enter a drive name.

After that type the drive name and then hit Enter again.

How to Format USB Pen Drives Using Command Prompt to Delete Viruses Permanently

That's all, you have done !!!

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